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Ezrah Manny Sorenson Dormon

Ezrah Dormon is a 12 year old apprenticing tattoo artist. He began his love for tattooing at the age of 11 and has assisted in 17 tattoos before his 12th birthday. During this year, Ezrah and his mentor have opened Honolulu Tattoos where he spends at least 2 hours a day drawing, painting, and seeing customers. Born in Toronto, Canada and living in Panama since he was 3, he is a sports and music lover spending 4 nights a week after school in the skate park and weekends surfing. He also is a JR black belt in Hapkido and plays the piano and drums. Ezrah loves to share his views on how to live happy and set examples for other kids on not being afraid to try things and think out of the box. His views on life are deep for a child his age and if you ask him what's important to him he will freely express how parents should trust their kids to do extraordinary things. Ezrah’s artistic name is Ez The Shark.

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