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Patricia Cucalon

Patricia Cucalon is a junior at the International School of Panama. She has lived in Panama for most of her life and has had the opportunity of watching the community grow and prosper. Studying at an international school has also given her the opportunity to learn about different cultures and to hear different viewpoints on certain topics, issues, and/or events; it has allowed her to see how, together, people from around the world can make a change, no matter their age, gender, and/or background. A year ago, she was a Global Village leader at the PANAGIN conference, where she got to learn about different projects going on both within and outside the country, all of which are student led. This opportunity allowed her to view the extent of the potential of the youth and inspired her to, along with her team, come up with and plan this year’s TEDxYouth@ISP event, focusing on youth empowerment and the execution of dreams and plans now rather than later. She is in charge of the Graphic Design Team, Social Media Team, and Stage Design Team and is beyond excited for this event. She hopes that those who attend will become inspired by all of the wonderful stories and experiences that will be shared.

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