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Elena Castro

Elena Castro is a senior at the International School of Panama. She started off her TED journey back in 2015, when she was part of the organizing team of TEDxYouth@ISP: Shifting Paradigms. After such an inspiring event she knew she wanted to continue on that legacy. She was particularly inspired by the student speakers in the event as their speeches were the ones that resonated with her the most and so she knew that she wanted to create a space for the youth to project their voice even further. She started to achieve this by being the Conference Program Director of the PANAGIN conference in 2017, but she knew a platform like TED would be a more appropriate medium to spread her ideals of youth empowerment. 3 years later after being part of the marketing team in 2015, Elena is in charge of the Event Planning team and our TEDxYouth@ISP website and she couldn’t be more proud of ending her high school career on such a high note.

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