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Andrea Kleiman

Born in Mexico City, and soon off to Vancouver to study Psychology, Andrea Kleiman is an advocate for challenges, culture, and self-discovery. At just the age of 19, she has produced a play raising over $9,000 for Aid for Aids Panama. She recently worked for six months in a non-profit organization where got the opportunity to perform, volunteer, and travel to 6 different countries. She has lived with 16 host families and 18 different roommates from all over the world for the past semester, and has had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform for Pope Francis and an audience of 19,000 people on live Vatican TV, as well as another performance at the Spanish Steps in Rome for over 30,000 people. After experiencing what is the unimaginable, Andrea wants to share how daring to step out of your comfort zone can enrich your life in ways beyond your beliefs.

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